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A.P.C. Closed Club Competition Winners 2018

Singles  -

 Cup Winner - Mathew Howells. 

 Runner up.   - Martin Herbert.

 Semi Finalists   - David  Bloor  and  David James


 Plate Winner - John Prosser,

 Runner up      - Norman Davies. 

 Bowl Winner - Alex Bowman,

 Runner up       - Andy Pook.

 Shield Winner - Jean Ford, 

 Runner up         - Pat Ford.


Doubles –

Cup Winners - Pat Ford and David Bloor, 

Runners up     - Alex Bowman and Mathew Howells.


Triples –

Cup Winners - Pat Ford, John Prosser and Mathew Howells 

Runners up     - David James, Gareth Howells and Alex Bowman


Annual Result for the Monthly Melees Competitions, 

Winner - David Bloor,

Second  - Clive Howells,

Third     - Mathew Howells.


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